Dienstag, 12. November 2019

Error – Foundation service running on one of the nodes

Under normal operations, the foundation service is stopped on all cluster nodes. Only if you destroy a cluster, the foundation service gets started permanently until you create a new cluster / add the nodes to an existing cluster.
As far as I know the only other component within AOS is LCM, which leverages the foundation service for certain hardware update tasks like a BIOS update. This is also the most common reason, why a foundation process is started / still running in an “normal” cluster: Some sort of previous failed LCM actions.
To check if and where Foundation is running ssh into one of the CVMs and run the following command:
allssh 'genesis status | grep foundation'
As you can see in my output it was running on my CVM with the .24 IP-address (the process IDs in the brackets is the indication that the process is up and running):
To stop the foundation process just ssh to the related CVM and run:
genesis stop foundation
The output will directly show you that the service is now stopped
Now just run LCM / Foundation upgrade again and the pre-checks will succeed.

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