Montag, 8. Februar 2021

How to delete aged third party snapshots nutanix ahv

You will receive the following error message in Prism Element:

System has x aged third-party backup snapshot(s) and they may unnecessarily consume storage space in the cluster.

The problem occurs if snaps are not removed successfully by the backup. 
You have to remove the snaps by a script from one of the cvms:

change directory:
cd /home/nutanix/bin

download the latest script:

list snapshots:
python --list_all admin

delete snaps (in my case older than 7 days)
python --delete_snapshot_older_than 7 admin

If you got an error running the script, please check if:
-> the admin password do not user special characeters
-> the directory is /home/nutanix/bin

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