Dienstag, 22. Januar 2019

Check latest FATAL Errors in a Nutanix Cluster

allssh „ls -rtl  data/logs/*FATAL | tail -n 5“

Deployment Nutanix Witness VM on ESXi

Deploy the ova
You can change the ip in the following config-file
$ sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
change the parameters
$ sudo reboot
After the reboot please enter folliwing comand to create the witness (as a witness)
$ cluster -s –cluster_function_list=witness_vm create
Register the witness in the nutanix menu and set the witness at the protection domains.

Break Replication timeout at Nutanix Metro Installation

Error (only metro deployments): Break replication timeout of metro protection domain is below the recommended minimum of 15 seconds or metro availability is disabled.
You have to set the timeout to 15s
Login auf CVM Cluster 1:
ncli pd list
protection-domain set-auto-replication-break name=“Metro01″ wait-period=15
You have to set the timeout on the second cluster for his "active" storage containers as well

Deployment Xtract VM on AHV Cluster

  1. Download the latest Xtract VM at Nutanix support portal
  2. start Xtract Cli  (is included in the *.zip) C:\install .\cli-windows-amd64-1.1.3.exe -c <Nutanix_Cluster_IP_address>
  3. Deployment: 
    deploy-vm vm-container <container_name> vm-network <network_name> ip-address <static_IP_address> netmask <netmask> gateway <gateway_IP_address> dns1 <DNS_IP_address> dns2 <DNS_IP_address>

Performance Diagnostics at a Nutanix cluster

Enter the following command at one of the cvms. By doing that, some diag-VMs were automatically deployed to check the cluster performance.
diagnostics/ --display_latency_stats --run_iperf run
Cleanup the installation:
diagnostics/ cleanup

Maintenance Mode on Nutanix AHV

on one of the cvms:

acli host.list
enter maintenance mode with the following command:

acli host.enter_maintenance_mode <hostname>

Shut down the CVM.

cvm_shutdown -P now

Shutdown AHV Node:

root@ahv# shutdown -h now 

Exit Maintenance Mode:

acli host.exit_maintenance_mode <hostname>

Networktagging Nutanix AHV

1) Tagged VLAN ID on AHV Hypervisor  (on each node)
nutanix@CVM$ ssh root@ „ovs-vsctl set port br0 tag=123“
nutanix@CVM$ ssh root@ „ovs-vsctl list port br0“
2) Tagged VLAN ID on CVM (on each cvm):
– Anmelden an der betreffenden CVM, dann beispielhaft für VLAN ID 123:
nutanix@CVM$ change_cvm_vlan 123
3) change Uplinks to only 10G Ports
– login on cvm
– list current state:
#> allssh manage_ovs show_uplinks
– change to 10G:
#> allssh ‚manage_ovs –bridge_name br0 –interfaces 10g –bond_name br0-up update_uplinks‘