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vCenter Repoint Domain for VCSA with embedded PSC > 6.7U1

There is a possibility to repoint an existing vCenter with an embedded psc to another vcenter, so that is using the same vsphere.local domain. You have to start this command from the vcenter you would like to repoint (not the "target" vCenter).

cmsso-util domain-repoint -m execute --src-emb-admin Administrator --replication-partner-fqdn vCenter1.domain.intern --replication-partner-admin Administrator --dest-domain-name vsphere.local

Enter Source embedded vCenter Server Admin Password :
Enter Replication partner Platform Services Controller Admin Password :

The domain-repoint operation will export License, Tags, Authorization data
before repoint and import after repoint.

WARNING: Global Permissions for the source vCenter Server system will be lost. The
         administrator for the target domain must add global permissions manually.
         Source domain users and groups will be lost after the Repoint operation.
         User 'Administrator@vsphere.local' will be assigned administrator role on the
         source vCenter Server system.

         The default resolution mode for Tags and Authorization conflicts is Copy,
         unless overridden in the conflict files generated during pre-check.

         Solutions and plugins registered with vCenter Server must be re-registered.

         Before running the Repoint operation, you should backupof all nodes
         including external databases. You can use file based backups to restore in
         case of failure. By using the Repoint tool you agree to take the responsibility
         for creating backups, otherwise you should cancel this operation.

         Starting with vSphere 6.7, VMware announced a simplified vCenter Single Sign-On
         domain architecture by enabling vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode support for
         vCenter Server Appliance installations with an embedded Platform Services
         Controller. You can use the vCenter Server converge utility to change the
         deployment topology from an external Platform Services Controller to an
         embedded Platform Services Controller with support for vCenter Enhanced Linked
         Mode. As of this release, the external Platform Services Controller
         architecture is deprecated and will not be available in future releases. For
         more information, see

         The following license keys are being copied to the target Single Sign-On
         domain. VMware recommends using each license key in only a single domain. See
         "vCenter Server Domain Repoint License Considerations" in the vCenter Server
         Installation and Setup documentation.

Repoint Node Information:
         Source embedded vCenter Server:vCenter2.domain.intern

         Replication partner Platform Services Controller: vCenter1.domain.intern
         Thumbprint: 58:B5:23:A4:F6:4H:BA:7C:07:00:8F:7A:7F:7A:A5:A5:3D:EB:51:C2

All Repoint configuration settings are correct; proceed? [Y|y|N|n]: y

Starting License export                                                         ... Done
Starting Authz Data export                                                      ... Done
Starting Tagging Data export                                                    ... Done
Export Service Data                                                             ... Done
Uninstalling Platform Controller Services                                       ... Done
Stopping all services                                                           ... Done
Updating registry settings                                                      ... Done
Re-installing Platform Controller Services                                      ... Done
Registering Infra services                                                      ... Done
Updating Service configurations                                                 ... Done
Starting License import                                                         ... Done
Starting Authz Data import                                                      ... Done
Starting Tagging Data import                                                    ... Done
Applying target domain CEIP participation preference                            ... Done
Starting all services                                                           ... Done
Repoint successful.

root@vCenter2 [ ~ ]#

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